Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Photbucket still sucks but I have my photos...well most of tthem...

I updated the Post where I assemble the unit. Photos are comming back...slowly


  1. I malebuffy I read with extreme interest about your BT fuel manager project and I think it's great! But just a question, it is possible to read on android app the total fuel burned also? Thank you so much massimo135

  2. Hello, I would like to make the app, but I did not understand how I should proceed
    I have a pc with windows 7, I downloaded Processing 3.4 and android studio ide ... are the right software?
    1) I can not find the ketai Bluetooth library, this library where it is put?
    2) the code snippet 1 should be copied and pasted into processing?
    3) Make sure you select the following Sketch Permissions in Processing:

    I can not find these voices inside the Sketch