Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Sensor crazy...

UPDATE: DO NOT BUY!!! Its a cheap copy that has only 180 Pulses per Liter! Useless! The original is in BLUE colour!

Well it seems like I am becoming a sensor addict. I have bought so many sensors, that I forgot all about the Microstream one. Although purchased a while ago, it hasen't arrived yet (From China of course).

It costs about EUR 17, which is less than the BIO-Tech ones and a bit more than the one from Futurlec. It has however, a good accuracy of 0.5% which when true, is awesome. Its probably more on the 2% side, but thats also super awesome.

Pulse rate 0.46mL/p


  1. I found your blog post after I investigate why the hell my Aichi OF05ZAT sensor is not working properly. Did you ever get any any reasonable explanation why it doesn't work like expected.

    I send an email to the seller and he says that I have to take that sensor to the "technician" :) And of course he told that it will give 2174 pulses per litre..

    1. So you have the red one? The red one isnt giving the right pulses because its a knock off. If I remember correctly it gives a lot les, like a couple of houndeds per liter which isnt accurate enought. Its just a bad fake.

  2. Yeah I have the red one :( But I ordered one from the conrad (bio-tech FCH-m something, something, something) and it works just like it should.
    And the problem with the fake one is that it gives something like 130 pulses / litre which is wayyyyy from the 2742 as promised :)

    I just don't get it why the hell the seller sells this kind of crap.