Sunday, June 8, 2014


I have tested the sensor on my boat today.

To make a long story short, its working seems like the sensor cannot keep up with the fuel flow the motor needs.

Everything went perfectly smooth. Arduino code works, Android Application working but after a minute in WOT, the motor started to loose power.

After checking the balloon (don't know the term in English) it seemed like something caused it to shrink in.

I am going to try the 13mm OD sensor that I have received last week to see if that's the problem.

Here is a video of the app working!


  1. Love this blog, now looking into cheep but good sensor.
    My engine uses 44l/h at WOT
    The sensor u are using is max 30l/h (FS-3400AH) so there was your problem i think.

    1. Yes that's why I used this one

      you can find it used on eBay. It is very expensive new, but I had bought 6 of them for about 20-30 dollars US a piece I think!