Tuesday, July 15, 2014


As you may habe noticed, the display on the Android app has an accuracy of 0,001 liters/sec. That translates to 3,6 liters/hour. So the consumption increases every 3,6 liters/hour which is a resolution that doesn't really make sense, since the system is capable of higher resolutions. So I have edited the Arduino sketches so that it sends a 4 decimal float number, instead of a 3 decimal one. The resolution is now 0,36 liters/hour.

In order for the Android app to work with the new code, I have made some changes in the code.


  BTFuel.println(literspersecond+literspersecond2,3); // Sends liters per second to Bluetooth 


  BTFuel.println(literspersecond+literspersecond2,4); // Sends liters per second to Bluetooth 

I have pdated the initial code and the links to the apps.

Here is the link again (Adds don't work but that is on purpose) 

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