Wednesday, November 26, 2014

The One!

This is the sensor that works the best! Its the Original Microstream OF05ZAT in Blue!

The RED One is FAKE!

This one (in blue) has 2174 Pulses per Liter and is accurate as hell! In the Picture you can see the fake red one. Its quite larger than the original but useless!


  1. Dear MaleBuffy,
    the APP file was expired.

    Can you upload the new link?

    Thank you very much!
    Best regards.

  2. Hi,

    thanks for the Info. Updated the post with the new link!

  3. Thank you!
    In the next days I'll buy all the materials.

    Happy new year!

  4. Good luck.

    If you need any help, give me a shout.

  5. Does it impede the flow at all? I'd like to fit something similar to my motorbike but it has carbs rather than fuel injection - not sure if that makes any difference...

  6. My boat has a two Stoke carb outboard. It is not an injection outboard so you should not have a problem.

    Moreover an outboard burns more than 50 liters per hour, so for a motorbike application there should be no problem with the fuel flow.

    It all depends on the fuel flow sensor you are going to use though.

  7. It looks like the "Red Box" sensor is using a cheap chinese water-flow sensor in an enclosure. Great project & thanks for the good write up - cheers!

  8. Hi malebuffy - I wanted to do your project also, so I purchased a Microstream OF05ZAT-A0 ( the blue one ) and it just arrived today.
    I went to look it up, here:

    where, at the bottom of the page, it mentions "Gasoline, Sodium hydroxide (Caustic soda), Hydrogen peroxide solution (Oxydol), and Hydrochloric acid are not applicable."

    What do you think, you are using with gasoline, correct?

  9. Hello,

    I know it says that in the datasheet. However, I contacted them via email and they confirmed that the sensor is also used with gasoline. It has something to do with certification.

    Please contact them yourself before using it with gasoline and do so at your own risk.

    I should probably mention it on the blog too.

  10. Thanks MaleBuffy, that is all I was looking for. I will get a fire extinguisher to carry along. Everyone must take responsibility for their own actions.

  11. Hi, Where did you find and buy the blue microstream sensor?

  12. Hmm im not having much luck. Only found one, used..

    1. Well that's the only one available. A new one costs about 350$ US which isn't worth the trouble.

      So the 35$ for the used one is actually a bargain!

    2. That explains a lot..
      Thanks for the clarification :), bought me one of those now.

    3. where can I buy the blue original sensor?

    4. Hi,

      the original sensor costs about 200 USD new. You will have to search for a used on ebay. Usually about 30 USD. If you cant find one, I still have 4.

    5. Hello! If you still have one, I am so much interested! I am going to do the same project with no BT. Just a nokia 5210 display to mount it on my rib's consol! Thanks!

    6. Yes I still have one. If you can wait until October, I will be in Greece and probably can ship it to you cheap.