Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Finished product!

I realized that I haven't posted any pictures of the finished product, meaning the guts enclosed in a waterproof box. So here it is. I have drilled 2 holes and waterproofed them with thermal glue (or whatever this is called). Everything is inside this box. Arduino, HC-05, 9 VDC regulator, cables etc. The two holes are for the sensor and the battery connection.

So I guess I will have to post pictures and hopefully a video of the installation, and we are finished.


  1. Very Nice!
    I will post pictures of mine soon.
    Not yet used it out on the water, but have you had any problems with the flowmeter causing a restriction at high revs?

  2. I made about 15 miles and had no issue. Even when at WOT.

  3. I have just started building mine, thanks for your efforts and time. Did you find that you needed to put 12V on the flow meter to make it work and use a voltage divider to bring down the data voltage? Also, what version of android did you test your code on? I know it doesn't like lollipop. Cheers.

  4. No didnt need 12V, worked as it is! Android version was KitKat I think! Good Luck with it.

    I am now working to improove the code altogether. It basically is giving you the instant consumption, I am working on the code to make a Trip Mean, wich makes more sense!

  5. Hi Malebuffy, I was getting nowhere with the data flow, so I started troubleshooting. I found out that I have a new paperweight in the shape of a microstream flow sensor. It was supposed to be a working second hand model, however, it doesn't. I did read on one of your blogs that you had some extra ones. If you are keen to sell a couple please contact me at mirandoggles at gmail dot com otherwise do you recommend any others in particular as these seem to be hard to come by? Cheers.

  6. Where are u located? I can send you one.

  7. hi
    When I try to use the app on my device, phone and/or tablet I get an error message.

    you must have adactivity declared in androidmanifest.xml with configchanges.

    Can you tell me what is wrong, how to get it working??

    thanks john

    1. It's not actually an error message of the app but of the ads which I removed.

      So it's just not displaying ads the app is working.

      I will update the software anyways and remove the ad bar altogether!